Going to medical school is hard work even if the degree is well worth it in the end. Students can expect to get little sleep, study long hours and take a significant hit to their social lives just to stay afloat. Sometimes it can be nice to get some reassurance that you’re not alone, remind yourself why you got into the field in the first place, and just enjoy reading about medical topics for something other than class. These blogs offer medical students at all levels a chance to do just that, with insights and advice from others in their position, doctors and health care experts from around the world.

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Bond over the long hours and impossible courses you take as medical students when you read these great blogs written by others still in school.


Health care professors and researchers maintain these interesting blogs giving you insights into how to perform better in class and some career opportunities that might be available to you when you graduate.


These doctors show you what life will be like once you finally finish your degree program and are out in the real world.


Many medical students will end up working in a hospital during their time at school or after graduation. Learn more about the politics, economics and other issues that affect how these institutions operate from these blogs.