This page links to a wide variety of resources useful for someone interested in pursuing a Masters Degree. “Job Salary Resources” offers a variety of links with data on salaries in almost any career field with Masters Degree requirement and additional salary resource links. It also provides links with information on benefits, guides to negotiating job offers and links for data on today’s top paying jobs and majors. In “Virology Resources” there are several links to information surrounding virology education such as academic research and viral genetics.

The bottom of the page offers other resources concerning virology that aren’t necessarily related to education, from interesting facts about viruses to career information on the virology field. “Master Of Illusions: A Guide To Card Tricks And Magic” offers resources for the aspiring magician who want to know the “hows” and “whys” of the most popular magic tricks and the secrets behind them. These links will teach a variety of things like the history of magic, how our brains and magic work together and how to perform various magic tricks. In “An Introduction to Grad School: Obtaining Your Master’s or MBA” one will find a trove of resources that answer questions about graduate school, such as how to get recommendation letters, financial aid resources and help finding a degree type. The links also provide tools for current grad students, particularly for dealing with stress. Several of the links offer help and hints for research needs and even links to some grad school humor, featuring comics and funny stories. “Master Math & Logic Online!” is a great resource for math teachers who want fun ways to teach math to their students, or for mathematicians and logicians who want a fun way to challenge themselves.

If you are looking to get into grad school then you’re probably aware of the GRE and the GMAT exams that are needed for graduate school entry. In Masters Degree Examinations: GRE and GMAT you’ll find out the purpose of these tests, the history behind them and what kind of score is required for acceptance. If you’re specifically seeking a Masters in Education be sure to read Masters in Education: Choosing the Right Study. A Masters in Education can be very complex with multiple areas of study, such as teaching and guidance counseling. This article links to various resources for someone pursuing a Masters in Education and in need of information regarding the different types of educational study. If you’re seeking to get a Masters through an online program it is very important to make sure the program is accredited and recognized with the proper organization. “Are Online Masters Degree Programs Accredited?” will explain the importance of accreditation and how to make sure you’ve chosen the right program. Apart from tuition costs many people also wonder how much time getting a Masters Degree will take. In “How Long Is a Masters Degree Program?” you’ll get an idea of how long it will take depending on your individual program.

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How Long Is a Master’s Degree Program?

Earning a master’s degree takes a commitment in time. After four to five years of undergraduate coursework and more than a decade and a half of schooling altogether, it should [...]

Are Online Master’s Degree Programs Accredited?

Online master’s degree programs are perfect for people who are unable to live by a school of their choice or already work full-time. It’s an opportunity to move forward in [...]

Urban Planning and Engineering: Talks and Videos

With the world’s population at 7 billion and counting, a real challenge is posed to city and urban planners, architects and engineers: how to design and construct sustainable and intelligent [...]

Sustainability and Architecture: Talks and Videos

In Sustainability and Architecture: Talks and Videos we feature a few fascinating videos with on architecture, from green architecture to simple aesthetics and the combination of both. Each talk is [...]

Master of Arts in Religion: World Religions

World Religions Generally, there are six major world religions which enjoy the majority of adherents throughout the world, all of which have deep and complex histories and traditions. Eastern religion [...]

Master of Arts in Art History: Timeline of World Art

Prehistoric (20,000—8,000 BC) The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides a comprehensive cataloguing of prehistoric art from all over the world, including timelines, maps, and visual representations of artifacts African Rock [...]

Yamada Language Resource Guide

English Grammar Overviews by Professor Mary Nell–This is a comprehensive guide to grammar compiled by Mary Nell, Professor of the International and English Language Programs at the University of Washington. [...]

Master of Arts in Education: Resources for Educators

Art/Architecture Art and Culture Lesson Plans is compiled by the National Endowment for the Humanities and offers a variety of lesson plans for grades k-12. Neoclassicism and America 1750-1900 offers lessons [...]

MS Physics Resource: Space Physics

Guide to Basic Definitions and Key Concepts University of California Los Angeles Space Physics Tutorials provides an introduction and interactive tutorials on key concepts in space physics. Glossary of Key [...]

MA Anthropology Student Guide: Semiotics

Semiology Basics Semiotic Terminology A collection of simple definitions of common semiotic terms, arranged by smallest , most basic terms and progressing towards the larger and more complex definitions. Semiotics [...]

Job Salary Resources

Accounting and CPA Salaries – Find accounting salaries by state at Computer Science (Government) – Computer science and I.T. career salary ranges Dentists – Salary information from the American [...]

Virology Resources

The study of virology is imperative to medicine and microbiology. By studying viruses and their structure, scientists can find new techniques to isolate and culture different viruses, and their potential [...]

An Introduction to Grad School: Obtaining Your Master’s or MBA

After achieving a bachelor’s degree at an institution of higher learning, the next step for many individuals is graduate school. Many of the colleges that offer undergraduate programs also have [...]

Master Math & Logic Online!

Many people think that math is rather boring but there are tons of ways to make it fun! Online, you can find plenty of websites that help students to learn [...]

Masters Degree Examinations: GRE and GMAT

Sometimes, people who finish their undergraduate degrees are hungry for more and choose to continue their education in grad school. In order to get in they have to pass tests [...]

Masters In Education: Choosing the Right Study

There are many different levels of college degrees; a Master of Education is considered one of the most prestigious, and can be received from a large number of recognized universities. [...]