On this page you'll find a wide variety of articles and resources about funding your masters degree studies. This is one of the most important parts of obtaining your degree, especially when you take into consideration the investment and the ongoing expenses you'll have during your studies. Finding the funds to make your education dream come true is hard work and a process on its own. Learn more about financing your masters degree studies by checking out the articles on this page.

scholarships for science studies

Guide to Getting Science Scholarships

The progression of scientific and technological innovation has called for the development of more scientific abilities. The sciences have always been important, but now there is an even higher emphasis put on them. The...
army veteran

Veterans And Military Members’ Guide To Getting Scholarships For Higher Education

Enrolling into the military to serve your country is a noble cause. Those who serve are well respected in communities and for the sacrifices that they make, they should be appreciated on a higher...
easy scholarships to apply for

Easy Scholarships to Get

As you most likely know by now, getting a master’s degree will definitely cost you quite a few thousand dollars. Sometimes, even though some people want to get this advanced degree, they are reluctant...
what is merit based scholarship

What is a Merit Scholarship?

Anyone who has started thinking about getting a Master’s Degree or has been researching grad schools is aware that the degrees are quite expensive. Tuition, books, and living costs make up a huge investment...
hispanic woman getting a scholarship

Hispanic Women’s Guide to Getting Scholarships for Graduate School

Getting a Master’s degree can leave a dent in anyone’s bank account. The expenses are high, ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 per year. The amount depends on the type of institution as private schools...
how to afford grad school and minimize debt

How to Go to Graduate School Debt Free

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree can take quite a toll on students’ financial situation. Three to four years of full time study and the additional living costs increase the debt that graduates have. Many people...
learning about the cost of a master's degree

How Much Does a Master’s Degree Cost?

Stat: People who have completed graduate school are less likely to be unemployed, with around 97.6% having regular, full-time employment. Deciding to obtain a Master’s Degree in any field is an important decision which will impact...