Germans with tertiary education qualification mostly in Engineering fields, Destatis reports

26 percent of Germans who held a tertiary qualification in 2016 were in engineering fields, higher than the OECD average, Destatis data show.

Destatis has published a report on its website that shows that Germans in Engineering fields shared the highest percentage of people with a tertiary qualification in 2016.

OECD countries had a percentage of 17% tertiary graduates in Engineering on average, while 26% of Germans that held a tertiary qualification were in Engineering study fields.

Other tertiary graduates in Germany in 2016 were mostly in business, administration and law subjects (22%) and education (13%).

People from OECD countries with a tertiary qualification mainly counted in business groups, administration, and law (23%).

Engineering, manufacturing, and construction (17%) and education(13%) were some other favorite study fields for OECD’s tertiary qualified people.

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