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RankingsWhy Croatia is the Perfect Student Destination

Why Croatia is the Perfect Student Destination

Croatia is an ideal destination for students looking for an eclectic, cost effective and historically rich destination! With the Adriatic coast brimming with over 1,000 islands, inland locations boasting National Parks, Nature Parks, waterfalls and lakes, and its cities bursting with ancient architecture, cobblestone streets and an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants, there really is something for everyone in this stunning country. 

Read on to learn why Croatia is the perfect destination for students to visit! 

Cost Effective Travel 

With an efficient public transport system that is made up of ferries, trains and busses, it is relatively easy and cost effective to navigate your way through Croatia’s key destinations and island hop with ease. If you’re looking to explore the best of the Dalmatian islands in a short amount of time, the most budget friendly and hassle-free option is to join an organized tour. A Croatia cruise such as the 7 day options Sail Croatia offer, will take you through a selection of islands throughout the week and include your accommodation, transport and two meals daily, amongst other inclusions. 

By booking with an organized tour group you’ll have no problems making friends with like-minded travelers if you’re heading out solo, and will be able to book your trip in advance, giving you plenty of time to save your spending money!

Easily Accessible 

Croatia is well serviced by its 7 international airports that are dotted throughout the country. Most low-cost European carriers also fly into Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, with regular flights also scheduled into coastal cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula. If you’re able to be flexible with dates and times, you’ll often be able to find a cheap flight in and out of the country. There are also bus, train and ferry services available, however their viability will depend on your start and end locations. 

Something for Every Traveller! 

Croatia welcomes solo travellers, backpackers, couples and groups of friends across its borders each and every year, and really does offer something for every type of traveller and budget. It can often be difficult to find a destination that everyone in your group will love, however it’s safe to say that history buffs, beach bums, nature lovers and foodies will all be impressed with this Adriatic gem! 

Top Destinations to Visit in Croatia 

1. Split 

The seaside destination of Split is well known as the gateway to the Dalmatian Islands, being the starting point for many ferry routes into the nearby islands. The heart of this ancient city is no doubt the Dicoletian’s Palace that was built in the 4th Century AD and today is the epi-centre of the Old Town, filled with ancient monuments, incredible restaurants and plenty of winding alleyways. 

2. Dubrovnik 

The ancient city of Dubrovnik is well known for its defensive City Walls that encircle the city for just under 2 kilometers. Dubrovnik Old Town is also situated on the seaside, and is well known as the filming location for ‘Kings Landing’ in the HBO blockbuster series, Game of Thrones.

3. Hvar Island 

The island of Hvar certainly lives up to its party reputation, with nightlife options to suit everyone! Nightlife aside, Hvar serves up breathtaking beaches, delicious seafood at waterfront restaurants and exciting attractions such as wine tasting, lavender farms and quaint towns dotted throughout the sunniest island in Croatia. 

4. Zadar 

Famous for its incredible sunsets over the water, mesmerizing Sea Organ and impressive Sun Salutation, Zadar is one destination you won’t want to miss! The Zadar Old Town sits on a peninsula and is brimming with ancient architecture that’s just waiting to be explored! 

If you’re planning your next vacation, look no further than a trip to Croatia!

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