China to host 500,000 international students by 2020

Chinese students share the highest number of international students in the US and the UK, the uncontested top leaders in international education. China now has set a goal on becoming a destination rather than a country of origin.

To achieve this they have a long way to do knowing that the US actually estimates twice the number of international students China plans to host by 2020.

A research paper “Academic Mobility: the 21st Century Silk Road” reveals that the number of international students in China may already have surpassed 400,000 a year before, while their goal is set to be 500,00 by 2020.

This estimation was based on the data taken from the period of time 2011 to 2015.

International students in the upcoming years, it is believed to rise at a higher rate because of their national project Road and Belt introduced in June 2017, targeting countries all over the world to strengthen cooperation with.

China expects to deepen its cultural and scientific connections with many countries in the world.

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