Foreign students in Netherlands surpass the number of resident students in 210 courses

Foreign students in Netherlands surpass the number of resident students in 210 courses

International students studying in Dutch universities are actually at a higher number than resident students, referring to statistics coming from the Netherlands reports

While the total number of students at Dutch universities is increasing, being doubled in past 10 years, the number of foreign students’ accounts for the most of it. Their growth is that high that is turning resident students to minorities in Dutch universities.

Last year, Dutch universities hosted 122,000 foreign students, with most of them being full-time students (90,000) and the rest were studying under the exchanging program Erasmus+. These students originated from 162 different countries and shared 12.2% of the entire student population in the Netherlands.

Among foreign students studying in the Netherlands in 2017, 25% of them were Germans, while one in four came from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Counting at 22,125 as these statistics show, Germans share the highest portion of international students at Dutch universities. Chinese students come in second place counting 4,475 students.

However, Germans and Chinese students have witnessed a slight decrease in 2017 and recalling that the number of international students increased during the same year, leads to the logical conclusion that the international student body is becoming more diverse in the Netherlands.

Although such increase is always welcomed, since foreign students bring alongside a significant revenue to the local economy, authorities in the Netherlands are expressing their worrisome with resident students enrolled in Dutch universities whose number is declining. Despite that in just 10% of educational programs, international students share the majority of students, in 70 study courses international students are reported to count for 75% of the entire number of students.
Some of the most popular study fields include art programs at universities of applied arts, master programs in business and technology subjects.

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