Infographic: The UK earned £5.1 billion from EU students in 2015/16

EU students vs non-eu students economic benefit

The UK generated a total of £22.6 billion in 2015/16 by its international students, while EU students contributed to 22%.

A research titled “The costs and benefits of international students by parliamentary constituency” conducted by Higher Education Policy and Kaplan International Pathways aimed to evaluate the real economic impact international students had in the UK’s economy in 2015/16.

EU students vs non-eu students economic benefit

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Researchers took evidence of tuition fees and other incomes like relatives visits.

EU students accounted for £5.1 billion or 22.5 percent of the total income.

According to these data, 231,065 first-year international students came in 2015/16 in the UK and EU students shared 26 percent of them.

Because non-EU students had to undertake different tuition fees they amount for most of the money. Annually, the UK earned £87,000 by an EU student, while £102,000 by a non-EU-student.

International students, particularly EU students are a resource of economic profit for British higher education. This research goes in favor of the opposition and educational involved parties in the UK that lately raised the concern of a crackdown in the UK international education.

EU exit and migration crisis have indicated a shift in students’ perception of UK universities leading them to think of better options like Canada and Australia.  

Many surveys and research have already witnessed a negative change in student applications at UK universities, especially those coming from EU. Prime Minister Theresa May is facing pressure to remove foreign students from immigration figures as a symbolic act, something that they believe would make these students feel safe and welcomed.