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NewsInternational students in Japan likely to remain after graduation

International students in Japan likely to remain after graduation

A survey conducted by the Japan Student Service found that almost three-quarters of foreign students were likely to remain in Japan to seek employment or higher education level after their graduation. The results, published in February 2018 referred to the year 2016.

As this survey reveals, only 23.5% of international students returned home, 2% moved on to another country and the rest remained in Japan for employment purposes or attend higher education.

Graduates at junior colleges and technology colleges opted the most to remain in Japan. Over 80 of these graduates decided to stay in the country, as opposed 70% of graduate schools and universities graduates. Whereas under 50% of doctorate graduates remained in Japan after they took their degree.

A similar survey conducted in 2016 by the JSS found that 60% of international students were planning to find a job in Japan after they graduate, compared to just 20% who planned to return home and seek employment.

Over 80% of international students enrolled in Japanese language schools planned to stay in Japan to attend further studies, whereas 11.5% planned to return home for some reason and only 5.5% wanted to find a job following their graduation.

Japan is not traditionally known as a popular study destination, but because of its quality and because of the global trend in the international education market, the country is increasing its number of international students. Furthermore, this attractiveness is causing a large number of foreigners to remain in the country and find a job.

As of May 1, 2017, the number of international students in Japan according to the JSS was 267,042 students, an increase of 11% (27,755 students) compared to the previous year.

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