International students in Turkey to be allowed to work while studying

International students in Turkey will soon be allowed to work while they’re studying and after they graduate, local media news reads.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, clearly stated that his country is devoted to becoming one of the 5 most popular study destination in the near future. In his speech at the 11th International Students Gathering at Istanbul’s Halic Congress Center among others, the president said

“Soon all foreign students will receive working permissions in Turkey”

The number of international students coming to study in Turkey is increasing steadily. However, the government is determined to speed up the pace of growth.

Currently, 170,812 foreign students are studying in Turkey most of them seeking an undergraduate degree. And they have set the goal of reaching 350,000 students soon. As part of their plan to achieve this goal, the government will allow international students to work during their studies and after graduation.

Further on, as the President stated in his speech, the Turkish authorities are interested to maintain cooperation with foreign graduates that choose to return home after finishing the university in Turkey.

Every year thousands of international students from 160 countries compete to get one of 5,000 scholarships given by the Turkish country. Thanks to the higher amount of scholarships, high-quality universities, cheaper costs, and a welcoming atmosphere Turkey is getting a popular hotspot for overseas students.

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