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BlogThe Truth About Tech

The Truth About Tech

No matter what masters degree you’re working toward, chances are your future education and the career that follows it will be full of technology.  The world today is inextricably linked to consumer gadgets, from computers to cell phones to the things people notice less, like hard drives and computer parts.  But as you head down the technological path of the future, take a moment to consider where all of these gadgets come from.

After explosions at an Apple supplier plant in China last year, many of the company’s factories came under scrutiny, and now other tech-producing companies are being similarly examined. You may be familiar with the Apple production scandals, but lesser known factories around the world are employing similarly damaging manufacturing tactics. After all, the cell phone in your pocket, computer on your desk, and television in your living room all came from somewhere, and chances are it wasn’t pretty.

The Truth About Tech

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