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Taking A Gap Year After College

The high unemployment rates and the highly competitive job market has made many students who have just gotten their undergraduate degrees want to immediately...

Master of Arts in Education: Resources for Educators

Art/Architecture Art and Culture Lesson Plans is compiled by the National Endowment for the Humanities and offers a variety of lesson plans for grades...

Virology Resources

The study of virology is imperative to medicine and microbiology. By studying viruses and their structure, scientists can find new techniques to isolate and...

Urban Planning and Engineering: Talks and Videos

With the world’s population at 7 billion and counting, a real challenge is posed to city and urban planners, architects and engineers: how to...

Sustainability and Architecture: Talks and Videos

In Sustainability and Architecture: Talks and Videos we feature a few fascinating videos with on architecture, from green architecture to simple aesthetics and the...

Oceans Of Garbage – Why people are eating their own trash

If you’re working toward a Masters Degree in a nutritional sciences or public health-related field, chances are that you’re probably aware of the fact...

What Are the Best Master’s Degrees to Get Right Now?

There’s always demand for well-trained and highly skilled professionals who are near-experts in their discipline and can manage loads of responsibility. Employers are looking...

The Truth About Tech

No matter what masters degree you’re working toward, chances are your future education and the career that follows it will be full of technology....

Exploring the Deep Sea

If you’re pursuing a Masters degree in a science-related field, chances are you’ve become aware of how much our world needs its oceans. The Earth...