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BlogVirology Resources

Virology Resources

The study of virology is imperative to medicine and microbiology. By studying viruses and their structure, scientists can find new techniques to isolate and culture different viruses, and their potential use in research and therapy. While the chief motivation for the study of viruses and their structure is the fact that viruses cause many infectious diseases, the study of viruses is also an important part of advancing healthcare; scientists can now not only prevent certain viruses with vaccines, but can actually treat viral diseases with anti-viral drugs.

The following collection of resources is the web’s best virology education sites. Browse through the following virology resources for viral replication strategies, electron microscopies, viral genetics, and academic papers and studies.

General Virology – Southern Illinois University presents a fundamental approach to virology. This medical microbiology page compiles together similarities and differences of different viruses, including a viral classification table, different replication schemes classified by type of genome, and a brief outline of the effect on host cells.

Microbiology and Immunology – University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine brings virology and microbiology online, including an extensive online textbook. These twenty-six chapters range from virus replication strategies to viral genetics to the structure and biology of various viruses.

Virus Images / Foundations of Virology – The University of Texas’s Pathology Department brings together an impressive collection of virus images, diagrams, electron microscopies, The Foundations of Virology ebook, and a variety of academic papers and studies.

Virology Journal – After an extensive peer-review process, the Virology Journal accepts articles on human, animal, plant, insect, bacterial, and fungal viruses, the control and prevention of viral infections and the use of viruses as gene therapy vectors. All articles and reports are free to access.

Pan American Society for Clinical Virology – The Pan American Society for Clinical Virology gathers together an extensive list of helpful links regarding bioterrorism, journals and publications, list servers, virology organizations, information about individual viruses, and virus groups.

PubMed – The United States National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health presents a searchable database of scholarly journal articles about health and medicine, virology nursing, audiology, and biology.

Journal of General Virology – Created by the Society for General Microbiology, each monthly issue publishes high-caliber virology-related research papers with very high production standards. The site includes archived older issues as well as a searchable article database.

Emerging Infectious Diseases – This peer reviewed, open access journal is published monthly by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leading the scientific communications component of Center for Disease Control’s efforts against the threat of emerging infections.

Related Resources for Virology

Training in Virology – The American Society for Virology answers the top ten questions most frequently asked about virology education, career outlook, what virology PhD and Masters programs are like, and current “hot” areas of research in virology.

Results of world-first viral therapy trial in Ottawa cancer patients – Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada presents the results of their viral therapy trial on twenty-three patients with advanced cancers. Six of eight patients in the two highest viral dose groups experienced a shrinking or stabilization of their tumor.

Career Guide to Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing – The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics detail the nature of the virology industry, working conditions, occupations in similar industries, typical required training and advancement, the outlook in the virology field, and average earnings.

Gene and Virus Therapy Program – From the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, this website presents the most recent completed studies by the Mayo clinic in gene and viral therapy, news and publications, ongoing research, and important research advances.

Evolutionary History and Phylogeography of Human Viruses – The Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Pennsylvania State University presents an overview of knowledge of the “genetic diversity of human viruses using comparative studies of viral populations, particularly those with RNA genomes, to highlight important generalities in the patterns and processes of viral evolution.”

New Drug could cure nearly any Viral Infection – From Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers of the Lincoln Lab have developed a new technology that may someday cure the common cold, influenza and other viral infections.

Ten Cool Facts About Viruses – A virologist at the College of Physicians and Surgeons lists ten extremely interesting details about viruses. His virology blog spans an incredibly varied audience of grad students, high school students, scientists, and academic professionals.

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