After achieving a bachelor’s degree at an institution of higher learning, the next step for many individuals is graduate school. Many of the colleges that offer undergraduate programs also have some form of graduate program. In fact, there are very few schools that are exclusive to post-baccalaureate classes. An individual who completes a graduate program generally earns a master’s degree.

All About Graduate School

Degree Types: This website talks about the various degree options in grad school.

Resources for Graduate Students: This government website features links that lead to profiles of professional schools.

Search for the Best Graduate Programs: This website allows visitors to look for the grad school that is best for them.

Financing and Aid: The Princeton Review provides a host of articles that discuss financing grad school.

Recommendation Letter: This website talks about the recommendation letters and how to obtain them from professors.

Student Resources: This website examines all the different options open to grad students, like financial aid and test preparation.

Funding for US Study: This website provides information on a host of grants and scholarships that might be available to grad students.

What are the Different Types of Graduate Degrees: This website provides details on the kinds of degrees grad schools offer.

Kinds of Grad Degrees: This website from Pomona College explains all the different kinds of grad degrees.

Thinking about Graduate School?: This educational website offers a breakdown of grad programs available.

Psychology and Grad Schools: This educational website offers information on grad degree programs for psychology.

Grad Degrees Explained: This website of higher learning explains the different types of graduate degrees.

Tools for Current Graduate Students

Surviving Grad School: This website provides survival tips for those in a grad-school computer science program.

Books for Surviving Graduate School: This website offers grad students suggestions on what books to read to get them through grad school.

Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School: This website features tips on how students can thrive throughout grad school.

Surviving Grad School Links: This website features a whole list of links about surviving grad school.

Succeeding in Graduate School and Beyond (PDF): This educational website explains how one can succeed in grad school.

Workload and Stress (PDF): This website features practical advice on stress and workloads in grad school.

How to Be a Good Graduate Student: This website explores how grad students can handle stress.

Grad School Success for Students and Advisors (PDF): This website advises grad students and advisers about attaining success.

Grad Students Website: This website provides support services for grad students.

Hosting Speakers: This website presents grad students with tips on how they can get someone they want to speak on campus.


So, You Want to Go to Grad School in Psychology: This website provides tips on how students can tailor their research to specific purposes.

Thesis and Dissertation Overview: This website offers people tips on how to write a decent thesis in grad school.

Writing Tips for Thesis Papers: This website offers advice on how grad students can write a better thesis.

Thesis and Dissertation Guide (PDF): This website presents information on how one formats his dissertation and thesis.

Dissertation or Thesis Writing (PDF): This website explains how to come up with a purpose for a dissertation of thesis.

Research Writing Explained: This website explains what important factors are involved in research writing.

Tips for PhD Students: This website presents a list of links that provide more information on successfully obtaining a PhD.

Tips for Writing for PhD students (PDF): This website features advice for grad students who want to learn how to be better writers.

Grad School Humor

PHD Comics Website: This website features comics and jokes directed at grad school students.

Humor of Grad Students: This website features a list of humorous reflections and observations on grad students.

The Lighter Side of Graduate School: This website is all about making light of being a grad student.

Grad School Humor Comic Strips: This website features two comic strips that poke fun at the grad school experience.

Grad Student Humor: This website offers a list of grad school jokes that relate to many aspects of the experience.

Dedicated to Grad Students Everywhere: This website presents a list of satirical happenings in a grad student’s life.