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RankingsThe 50 Best and Most Affordable Universities in USA To Get a...

The 50 Best and Most Affordable Universities in USA To Get a Masters Degree for International Students

Getting your degree at university with high reputation can empower you to be positioned better than other people in the market and landing a well-paid job.

US universities are some of the top universities in the world in terms of the quality education they provide, but at the very same time, they are not that affordable for international students.

The truth is, most reputable universities in the US are known for having high tuition fees, and as an international student, financial problems are something you want to avoid having.

If you’ve always dreamed of studying in the United States and getting your Master’s Degree here, then this article is for you.

We’ve put together this list of the top 50 universities in the US for international students that offer both a high-quality education and also have more affordable tuition fees compared to the rest.

(More details about the selection criteria can be found at the end of this article)

1. Texas A&M University (College Station)

The first public higher education institution in Texas state topped our list with its low tuition fees and higher rates of graduate enrollments. Since its foundation in 1876 Texas A&M University has been the home of thousands of students. Actually, the university counts 62,500 students. With its 130 undergraduate programs and 5 first professional degrees, A&M is a fantastic option for those who want to get an affordable higher education and high-quality as well.

69.5 points

2. University of Florida

Covering an area of 2,000 acres, the University of Florida is a temple of innovation and development, a landmark for students and not just for in-state students. It generates about 100,000 new jobs in the state of Florida annually. If you’re looking for a cheap and quality education in the US you should consider this university seriously.

56 points

3. The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is proud of its larger students’ body and academic staff. UT Austin actually hosts more than 51,000 students and has 3,000 teaching faculty. The university counts on more than 482,000 alumni with some of them being very successful in the field of business and politics. Joining this big and successful family is definitely worthy and most importantly affordable.

54 points

4. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Among all US public universities, the University of Minnesota is ranked 8th in Research, spending a massive value of $900 million in research programs. If you like to get engaged in research activities alongside with theory, the University of Minnesota is a good opportunity for you. In addition, their tuition fees are at a reasonable price.

53 points

5. University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is driven by its commitment to preparing future professionals to take care of people’s health in Colorado. Annually, 4,000 future health professionals seek a degree from Colorado University. If this profession is what you’re seeking, getting a degree in this university can open unlimited job opportunities and careers for you.

52 points

6. University of California LA

This university usually ranks high on many lists of the best universities in the US. They gave 13 Nobel prize winners to the world. But, at the same time, this university has pretty affordable tuition fees. In our list of the most affordable universities in the US took the 6th position. It’s fair to say that if you’re looking to attend a university with a great reputation and with affordable tuition fees at the same time, the University of California in Los Angeles should have your attention.

52 points

7. University of Wisconsin – Madison

The University of Wisconsin was founded in 1848. It is distinguished as a university that spends a lot on its research programs. Annually the University shares $1.2 billion on research programs, ranked 6th on the list of universities with the largest expenditure on research. Apart from its high-quality education, this university has reasonable tuition fees making it very attractive for students who want a US higher qualification.

51.5 points

8. Purdue University

Purdue University is another US university that stands pretty high on best universities rankings while isn’t extremely hard to handle it when compared with US’s higher education standards. Its studying programs include different fields like Engineering, Education, Liberal Arts, Medicine and more. In particular, this university has often been very attractive for international students. In 2014 the highest portion of international students enrollments in the US was done at Purdue University.

51 points

9. Indian University Bloomington

Approximately 20,000 classes per semester are offered in the Indian University Bloomington for over 114,000 students that study there. A huge portion of 19,000 students is enrolled in graduate level. International students coming from 130 different countries of the world share a fair amount of students body, counting more than 8,700 students. These numbers describe better what a great and qualitative university is Indian University at Bloomington. In addition, its lower tuition fees make it perfect option for studying.

50.5 points

10. University of Kansas

Settled near Kaw River the University of Kansas is a great institution of research and teaching. It has 28,447 students, 2,600 faculties distributed on five of its campuses (Lawrence, Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita and Salina). The university is proud of having the only school of pharmacy and medicine and the only National Cancer Institute in the whole Missouri State. You have enough options to choose between their 370-degree programs. They’re ranked first in the US for their programs Management/Urban policy and Special education programs. University’s student body is much diverse having students from all 50 states of the country and 105 other countries in the world. The University of Kansas made up our top ten with its tuition fees and its reputation while none of these in the expense of education. You’ll be offered the high-quality education that guarantees you a brighter post-study life.

50.5 points

11. Arizona State University

The State University of Arizona was founded on February 8, 1886, and since then has become a landmark for prospect students who want a high-quality education and more importantly cheaper than usual US universities. In addition, the State University of Arizona is renowned for its innovation being ranked high in different rankings.

50.5 points

12. State University of North Carolina

Ranked 12 on our list, the State University of North Carolina is renowned for its high-quality education. Actually, it counts more than 33,000 students and more than 8,000 thousand members. It offers a wide range of programs at all levels and all this at a reasonable price.

50.5 points

13. The University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson)

Choosing to study in one of the eight schools in one of its 141 academic programs of the University of Texas at Dallas is never a bad choice. In addition to being a University which offers high-quality education, it is very affordable.

50 points

14. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Being one of the third oldest Universities in the US, the public university of North Carolina has an unprecedented academic legacy. In fourteen of its colleges and the College of Arts and Sciences, you can choose to study in one many different courses offered. As of Fall 2016, its annual tuition fees were at 20,211$ on average, and having enrolled 10,946 students is ranked 14 on our list.

50 points

15. City University of New York

Settled in the middle of Manhattan, the Graduate Center is one of the many campuses that the State University of New York has. This university offers its students over 40 masters and doctoral programs of the highest quality. Ranked 15th, the Graduate Center has quite acceptable tuition fees while at the same time the rate of enrollment is high.

50 points

16. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

In its 149 years of existence, this University has remained an attractive destination for native students and those coming from foreign countries. Nebraska is one of the leading institutions in teaching, leading and innovation. Many famous people attained their higher education at this University, but its reputation is also related to its high-quality education and its acceptable tuition fees.

50 points

17. University of Oklahoma (Norman Campus)

This research, public university was founded in 1890, just 20 minutes in South of Oklahoma City. Its undergraduate student population exceeds 20,000 and a considerable number of teaching staff. With its three campuses, University of Oklahoma offers many opportunities for studying overseas. Lower tuition fees and higher enrollment rates ranked this university 17th.

50 points

18. University of Maryland, College Park

The University of Maryland counts 39,083 students and 352,000 alumni, while it offers 107 Master’s Programs and 83 Doctoral Programs. Its student population gathers students from 50 states and 118 countries. Knowing these facts, it’s quite clear why it’s valued as high-quality education university and in the end easily affordable because of its lower tuition fees.

50 points

19. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati has 40,000 students enrolled studying in one of its many academic programs. While it will cost too much to attend this high-quality university, the architecture of its campus and the atmosphere within it will immerse you.

50 points

20. University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)

Joining its diverse student community will make your time at the University of Illinois in Chicago unforgettable and will affect your future prospect in many ways. It is said to be the biggest University in Chicago with its 15 colleges, while along with being big is also assessed to be a high-quality education university which takes less money than common reputed universities. The fact that it actually amounts on over 30,000 enrolled students it reflects that its enrollment rate is at quite higher levels, so it made it our 20th position.

49.5 points

21. The Ohio State University

The State University of Ohio’s has one of the largest campuses in the whole US. In 148 of its existence, this university was proven to be a home of research and innovation. Today is one of top 20 best public universities in the US and is highly-valued particularly for its academic medical center, its premier cancer center and its research center. Despite being such a good university, its reasonable tuition fees and higher graduate enrollment make it very accessible to ambitious students.

49.5 points

22. University of Buffalo SUNY

The University of Buffalo, located in the State of New York, has a rich menu of programs: more than 110 undergraduate programs and more than 300 graduate, professional and certificate programs. In the end is very achievable because of its tuition fees and higher enrollment rate.

49 points

23. Stony Brook University, State University of New York

A University driven by its commitment to teaching, research and innovation is what captures the Stony Brook University. Its campus is located 60 miles east New York City and covers 1,039 acres. It has actually 25,989 students enrolled from which 8,625 of them are graduate students. It is ranked 23rd in our list of most affordable and best universities.

49 points

24. Iowa State University

The Iowa State University is a public university founded in 1858 and its campus is located in Ames. Today, the university counts 35,993 enrolled students in different programs and different academic levels. At a quite relatively lower cost and at a higher rate of graduate enrollment, it’s pretty to seek an education recognized and valued all over the world.

49 points

25. University of California Berkeley

California is the US state that counts most student enrollment exceeding 2 million and the University shares a significant contribution to this counting 30,574 enrolled undergraduate students and 11,336 graduate students. With its 14 colleges and schools, it’s estimated to be ranked as the best public university in the US. The university very proud to have given to the world 7 Nobel prize winners. But despite being such reputed institution, the University of California – Berkeley is financially affordable and has a higher enrollment rate.

49 points

26. The University of New Mexico

Except being very affordable and easier to enroll, the good news is the University of New Mexico offers to almost three-fourth (74.2) of its students a financial aid. In addition to all these, the historical, cultural and natural environment where the campus is located (Albuquerque) will make you love every second spent at this university.

48.5 points

27. The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is the oldest public university in the US, founded in 1785. Their motto “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things,” reflects best their mission on giving students a world-class education which will serve them and the community where they live and work.Attending such well-known and reputed university can shape your entire career life and you can afford it with ease because it charges you relatively reasonable tuition fees ($18 561 on average).

48.5 points

28. Florida State University

Founded in 1851, the State University of Florida, is an elite US university in science, technology, arts, humanities, etc. It’s a huge educational establishment counting 41,867 students and 14,251 employees, while the number of bachelor’s, master ’s, doctoral, specialist, professional programs reaches 300 in total. And beside being that good and popular university its tuition fees and graduate enrollment rates are in your favour.

48.5 points

29. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa established in 1847 just 59 days after the Iowa state became a state. Today, the university is a renowned higher education institution in the US. As a member of 62 elite universities under the Association of American Universities is definitely one of the best universities in the US. Its prestige relies on the number of students, diversity on study programs, conditions it offers, the quality of education, rankings, etc. However, you can seek this wonderful university at quite a reasonable price while the level of education received is super high.

48 points

30. Georgia Institute of Technology

As one of the best universities in the US, Georgia Tech offers a range of study programs starting from engineering, computing and sciences to business, arts and design. Its high-quality education, yet pretty affordable makes this university very preferable to students in and out the Georgia state.

48 points

31. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The family of Rutgers University-New Brunswick gathers around itself a number of 49,000 students at all academic levels and 10,000 staff members. A high-quality education university and easy to afford it describes best this university.

48 points

32. The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is one of the best universities in the US. Actually, 47,000 students believed their higher education to this institution, while many others apply fall to fall. Through its leadership learning and discovering, its mission is set to make an impact on the lives of Illinois citizens and more.

47.5 points

33. Colorado State University ( Fort Collins)

If you’re looking for a unique experience in a diverse community, with a lot of opportunities and high quality education, and most important easy to afford, the Colorado State University is a place to go.

46.5 points

34. Oregon State University

The Oregon State University has 2 campuses, 11 colleges and more than 200 academic programs. The university counts 31,904 enrolled students where most of them are undergraduate students. Although it is an elite university, its tuition fees and graduate enrollment rate make it an achievable option.

46.5 points

35. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, this university has nine colleges and graduate schools. Its student population reaches 34,440 students studying in one of 170 master’s and doctoral degree programs and 110 bachelor’s degree programs. With its tuition fees at $18,625 on average and 5,027 graduate enrollment, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University came up 35th in our ranking.

46.5 points

36. University of California, Davis

The University of California – Davis opened its doors for the first time in 1908 and since then has gone a long way to become a high-quality university. As it stands, 35,415 students are seeking a degree in one of many programs offered at this university. If you think to become one of them, you won’t regret since it will cost less compared to most US universities and will award you a degree recognized around the globe.

46.5 points

37. George Washington University

Founded in 1821, the George Washington University today hosts 26.000 students at undergraduate and graduate level coming from 50 states and 130 countries. The University offers a wide range of programs at all academic levels, world-class teaching and many other additional benefits like a number of internships. Looking at its tuition fees and graduate enrollment is definitely a university you enter and cover all expenses without any extraordinary efforts.

46.5 points

38. Washington State University

The Washington State University established in 1890. You can choose between more than 140 degree programs this institution offers to students. The university welcomes students from many foreign countries who share 7% of the entire student population. Apart from relatively tuition fees the university shares a lot of money on helping its students to cover school expenses. At the same time, the graduate enrollment is higher, meaning you’ll have bigger chances of attending it.

46 points

39. The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is the home to more than 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students, distributed in 3,144 faculties. Their mission to enhance lives of Arizona’s citizens and the world through education. If you decide to be part of this highly valued university, it won’t be impossible to reach because of its acceptable tuition fees and relatively higher rates of graduate enrollment.

46 points

40. Michigan State University

The Michigan State University is ranked 40th on our list of best and most affordable universities in the US. A number of 50,340 students at all academic levels and study programs seek their degree in this University. Despite being ranked very high among US universities, its attractive tuition fees and higher graduate enrollment makes it an easier goal to achieve.

45.5 points

41. Wayne State University

In 1868, in the heart of Detroit, a university was established. The Wayne State University has a long history and rich tradition in higher education, which is reflected by its reputation. But, although is a superb university, it has pretty acceptable tuition fees compared to elite universities in the US. In addition, the rate of graduate enrollment is higher, meaning you have bigger chances to enter this university.

45 points

42. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, whose vision is still alive in preparing young leaders who will help shape the community for the better. Its reputation, high-quality education and its relatively affordable tuition fees, make it a perfect destination for ambitious students all over the world.

44.5 points

43. University of California, San Diego

The University of California – San Diego established in 1960. Although it hasn’t a long history the university is proud to be one the top 15 universities worldwide on research activities. As of Fall 2017, 36,400 students were enrolled, while there were 88,451 freshman applicants for 2017. 16 Nobel Laureates came out of this university’s doors and many others gave significant contributions in different fields.

44.5 points

44. University of California, Irvine

Founded in 1965 the University of California – Irvine today has 35,958 enrolled students. Its high-quality education, reputation, graduate enrollment and financial facility makes it a university worth to attend it.

44.5 points

45. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Renowned as a public research institution, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville was founded in 1794. Its mission is to enhance the lives of people and communities through world-class education. The tuition fees and other expenses that it carries are not that low, but very attractive compared to standard costs in the US universities, while the quality of education totally worth the cost.

43.5 points

46. University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Whatever you dream to study and become good at, the University of Maryland – Baltimore County will offer it to you. This excellent university as of fall 2017 is the home to 13,662 students out of which 2,428 of them are graduate students. At an affordable price, you can receive a world-class education.

43.5 points

47. University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado, Boulder is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU) and the home to more than 31,000 students at all academic levels. They’re proud to be the first public University to receive NASA’s research awards. In the end, the mission to join this outstanding university isn’t impossible looking at its tuition fees and graduate enrollment.

43.5 points

48. University of Southern California

When it first opened its doors in 1880, the University of Southern California, accounted for just 53 students and 10 teachers. Nowadays the university is the home to 44,000 students. Located in the heart of the most dynamic and diverse city of Los Angeles, the University of Southern California is valued as one of the greatest private research universities in the world.

43 points

49. Northeastern University

Founded in 1898 this university has a comprehensive range of study programs to match perfectly your study choices. With its tuition fees and graduate enrollment, this reputed institution of higher education is ranked 48 on this list of most affordable and best US colleges.

42.5 points

50. University of Yeshiva

The Katz School at the University of Yeshiva comes 50th as the most affordable and best US colleges. The University is said to be one of top 100 US colleges but is still easier to afford it compared to most of the elite colleges in the US. An exceptional education at the actual price it is totally worth the cost.

42 points

This is the whole list of the 50 best and most affordable universities in USA to get your masters degree for international students:

The selection criteria

There are thousands of higher education institutions in the US and in order to take into account all of them we needed a selection criteria.

Our goal was to make a list of the best and most affordable universities in the US for international students, so we focused on using tuition fees and graduate enrollment numbers as the main criteria.

We had the criteria but we needed a point-based scoring system to rank the universities.

A university with tuition fees between $0 – $2, 000 was given 55 points, the one with tuition fees between $2,000 – $4,000 received 54 points, the one with tuition fees between $4,000 – $6,000 was given 53 points.

Universities with higher tuition fees would be granted with half of a point less for every $500. For example, a university with tuition and fees of $6,200 would take 52.5 points, at $6,600 would take 52.0 points and so on.

On the other hand, universities that had higher graduates enrollments would be given higher points. For example, a university that had a number of graduate enrollments between 0 – 2,000 would receive 2 points, the one with 2,001 – 4,000 would take 4 points, the other with 4,001 – 6,000 would take 5 points and so on.

Then we added up universities’ scorings and got a final result. Some universities got the same number of points, so we gave priority to those that had lower tuition fees. Based on their final scoring we ranked them in this top 50 list.

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