US College Enrollments Statistics By State


The college enrollments between 2010 and 2015 in the US dropped by 5%, NCES statistics show.

In 2010, 21,019,438 students were enrolled in US colleges, but since then this number continually decreased. Five years later, these colleges counted for 19,977,270 enrollments, a decrease of 5 %.

According to the NCES official statistics, the number of college enrollments in past years has suffered a considerable drop which, if the trend continues, will cause other problems as well.

Most US states experienced a drop in college enrollment, and we can say they share a large contribution to such decline individually compared to fewer states whose colleges accounted for growth in enrollments. Even some of the biggest states which are in some respect expected to have a higher flux of students heading toward reported to have such drop.

Iowa and Arizona colleges were mostly concerned with such significant enrollments’ drop. Between 2010 and 2015 the number of enrollments in Iowa declined by 28%, more than any other state or jurisdiction zone. Arizona colleges suffered a drop by 18.2% during the same period of time.

On the other hand, New Hampshire topped the states or the zones of the jurisdiction whose colleges have witnessed an increase in enrollments from 2010 up to 2015. In fall 2010, the New Hampshire colleges counted for 75,539, to jump in 123,966 five years later, an increase of 64.1%. Some other states whose colleges had increased the number of enrollments were: Idaho (42.1%), Utah (14.8%), and Delaware (9.3%).

California, although it suffered a slight decrease of just 1% in enrollments, it still has the highest number of students enrolled. According to these statistics, California is the only US state whose colleges host a record number of over two million students, exactly 2,688,355 enrollments as of Fall 2015.

The drop in enrollments was that strong it affected four US states which counted for over a million of enrollments. Among these four particular states, only Texas colleges witnessed an enrollment growth between 2010 and 2015. From 1,535,864 enrollments in 2010 Texas counted for 1,570,614 enrollments in 2015.