European universities introducing more English language programs for international students

European universities are offering more programs in the English language to be able to host a predicted surge of international students who are dropping UK universities as their option, following Brexit.

Last year, the number of English-taught programs in EU universities has risen by 13 percent and the rising tempo may accelerate in years to come because of an increased demand from international students.

The UK’s higher education has already received first negative signs of the Brexit effect. Earlier in 2017, universities said they had experienced a drop in international student applications, especially those coming from EU countries. Instead of dropping the opportunity of studying abroad, these students will seek other options, the EU universities being one of them.

On a different note, British universities are valued for their high-quality education, quality of life and future prospects. However, UK’s higher tuition fees and living costs, in addition to the political changes still going on there, will possibly make these students exclude it as an affordable option.

And while these students are pushing away Britain as an option, it is very likely that a huge number of them will head toward EU universities.

In order to be able to accommodate such flux of foreign students, EU universities must offer more courses offered in the English language. As an example, universities in Poland have doubled the number of English-taught programs and in return, the number of foreign students there increased significantly during the past three years.

Many countries in the world are paying a lot of attention to international students because of their precious contribution to the local economies. The UK is the second most popular study destination for international students, but the whole picture may soon begin to change.

EU universities have a golden opportunity to step in and take the lead in this tough international education market.

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