French students in the US studying Business increased by 2.5 %

27.2% of 8,814 French students enrolled in US universities in 2016/17 were studying Business & Management, according to IIE data.

The number of French students who seek to get a degree in Business & Management in US is having an upward trajectory in recent years.

In 2013/14, 26.1 percent of 8,302 French students in the US were enrolled in Business & Management.

Though the same percentage (26.1%) of French students were studying in this field in 2014/15, the total number of them was smaller at 7,743 meaning French students enrolled in Business and Management descended in this year.

In 2015/16, the number of these students started to increase again.

24.8 percent of 8,764 French students in 2015/16 attended Business & Management programs and in the last year 27.2 percent of 8,814 students were enrolled in this study field. This is to say the number of these students increased by 2.5 percent between 2015/16 and 2016/17.

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