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StatisticsHow much money did international students contribute to the US economy in...

How much money did international students contribute to the US economy in 2016/17?

1,078,022 international students contributed to the economy a profit of 36.9 billion dollars and an enormous number of 450,000 job places during 2016/17, report reveals.

In the 2015/16, international students contributed to the US economy with 32.8 billion dollars and 400,000 job places. It means that in 2016/17 this value increased to 12 percent of its initial value.

The annual growth of international students in the US is getting lower, but their overall number will still rise and so will the profit.

International education gives the institutions opportunities to scan and unveil the excellent students and turn them into permanent residents being offered with good jobs and other privileges.

Along with all the expenses they have to cover during their studies, foreign students bring their academic and cultural values.

Countries are making international students a central point of their national educational strategies. Although political changes in the US caused a significant drop of international students going to the States, they are still leading as the top study destination for international students.

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