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NewsInternational Students in Germany in a Steady Growth

International Students in Germany in a Steady Growth

Germany set a goal to welcome 350,000 international students by 2020. But they reached this goal three years earlier, in 2017.

The German national office for statistics, Destatis, announced that during the winter semester in 2017, Germany had 2,847,800 students out of which 362,083 were international students (IIE data) compared to 340,496 in 2016.

Chinese students share the highest portion of these students. 32,268 Chinese students came to study in Germany during 2016, followed by Indians (13,537) and Russians (11,413).

From all international students in Germany in 2016, 132,726 were enrolled at the post-graduate level, while 90,214 were in undergraduate programs.

A survey from Educations.com conducted that Germany is ranked first in Europe and third in the world as a study abroad destination.

Germans have a high reputation for engineering and construction industries, so their universities offer high-quality courses in these programs. So, it’s quite evident international students seek a German degree in these fields.

63,645 international students in Germany were seeking a degree in Engineering, significantly more than in Business & Management with 39,722. At the third position there is Humanities with 29,877 and fourth comes Mathematics & Computer Sciences with 24,585 international students.

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