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BlogOnline Math and Logic Resources

Online Math and Logic Resources

Many people think that math is rather boring but there are tons of ways to make it fun! Online, you can find plenty of websites that help students to learn math with animated games, word challenges, brain twisters and even a few ancient puzzles. No matter what your preferences might be, you’ll be sure to find something to love in the resources below.

Everyday Math and Logic Problems for Everyone

  • A Japanese Puzzle – Based on logic, these Japanese puzzles are known as nonograms or cryptopics.
  • Magic Stars & Squares – Take a trip through time and learn how mathematicians have used these magic squares for centuries.
  • Christmas Brainteasers – Bring a little festive cheer to your math practice with these holiday puzzles.
  • Perplexing Puzzles – Each of the questions in this series are real head-scratchers that require the finest logic!
  • Interactive Puzzles with Words and Numbers – With this huge list of free puzzles, you’ll definitely be busy for a while.
  • Solving Word Problems – Learn about the KISS strategy to solve problems in simple ways.
  • Christmas Math – Santa and his elves need help once more and only math can save the day!
  • A Puzzle Magazine – Pick from heaps of puzzles in this free online magazine.
  • Creating Math Models – Use easy block models to find solutions to your math problems.
  • Family Math Challenges – There is plenty of math fun and information for both parents and children at this site.
  • Feed Your Brain – Keep your mind busy with a host of different types of puzzles and riddles.
  • Exercise for the Mind – All sorts of resources, challenges and addictive math games for students.
  • Mind Play – You’ll never be bored with over one hundred games and tests to choose from.
  • A Brain Workout – Plenty of illustrations help make these visual and word puzzles exciting!
  • Logic Puzzles for All – Develop your reasoning by practicing these stimulating logic puzzles.

Math and Logic Problems for Kids

  • Click and Drag Games – Move the squares or matchsticks to complete these puzzles correctly.
  • Kids’ Logic Puzzles – Go from easy to hard as you progress through each category of puzzles.
  • Word Puzzles for Youngsters – Choose your grade, then try out the puzzles. Don’t worry, you can ask for a hint if you need it.
  • Online Math Games – You won’t even know you’re doing math with these cartoony games.
  • Kids Math Teasers – Practice different math concepts with these puzzles featuring cookies, crayons and clowns!
  • The Math Arcade – Bet you didn’t know that you could practice math skills simply by playing fun arcade games like Tetris, Mastermind and Solitaire!
  • The Button Beach Game – Figure out how much each button is worth on this slightly strange beach.
  • Math Problem Activity Sheet – Try to solve these honey bee questions before glancing at the answers below.
  • Math Concept Puzzles – Check back into the archives of the last few years for lots of extra puzzles to work on.
  • Math Detectives – One little town needs a good math detective to help solve some weird mysteries. Can you help?
  • Brain Bashers – With so many jigsaws, puzzles, games and even optical illusion mysteries, this is definitely a page to visit on a rainy day!
  • The Fruit Game – Play a fun logic game against the computer by removing pieces of fruit from the table.
  • Math Games for Kids – Choose the grade you’re in and then go wild with these fun animated online games.
  • Math Worksheets – Use these free printable worksheets to improve your skills from any of the numerous categories listed on the site.
  • Uncle Math – Choose different difficulty levels and learn easy ways to solve math problems.

Math and Logic Problems for Teenagers

  • Quadratic Equation Problems – Brush up on algebra concepts with these word problems.
  • Math Resources for Gifted Students – Pick from this stack of math puzzle resources for fun or for extra practice.
  • Interactive Math Puzzles – Funny animations and real life problems make these puzzles a blast!
  • Tangram – This puzzle game developed in Ancient China uses math as well as artistic skills to create cool new shapes.
  • Understanding Physics – Find out why the science of physics uses the language of math.
  • Sudoku Puzzles – This Japanese game looks simple enough but it will have you scratching your head after just a short while.
  • Logic Reading Activities – Try out these number puzzles or logic reading challenges to exercise your mind.
  • Rebus Puzzles – Can you wrap your head around these twisted puzzles contained in a frame?
  • Fun Math Puzzles – Learn about math and logic principles while playing these fun cartoon games, jigsaws and more.
  • Braingle Brainteasers– Pick some puzzles to solve by viewing other users’ popularity and difficulty ratings.
  • Math Problems for All School Ages – Each problem here has questions geared towards elementary, middle and high school students.
  • Online Math Cartoon Games – These fast-paced math games will help you think on your feet!
  • Math Apprentice – Learn how math is used in different careers by solving visual problems related to each job.
  • Math-Kitecture – Be an architect for a day and use math to help you measure and draft out a floor plan.
  • Math Toys – There are games, puzzles, tools and secret codes in this page that is all about playing with math.

Math and Logic Problems for Mathematicians and Logicians

  • Math Investigations – Math fans will love this site for its puzzling questions and challenges. Don’t forget to submit the answer if you figure it out!
  • Math Mystery Problems – Take a stab at some math problems that still remain unsolved.
  • Logic Calculator – Use this online logic calculator to figure out the truth of a multi-variable logic expression.
  • Translation Problems – Check back each day for a new logic problem based on words and language.
  • The Busy Beaver Competition Problem – Solve this problem which revolves around Turing machines and then have a look at the additional links about the same problem.
  • Historical Math – Learn about math problems that developed throughout history and try to solve them yourself.
  • Quant Riddles – These logic word puzzles will require a good deal of lateral thinking to come up with the correct answers.
  • Advanced Brain Puzzles – Despite the difficulty ratings, these brain puzzles are suited best for those with advanced levels of logic and math practice.
  • Math and Logic Mind Twisters – The challenge level for these logic word problems ranges from difficult to extremely difficult!
  • Logic Riddles – These word puzzles are hard enough but they do contain subtle hints at the bottom of each one.
  • Extremely Hard Brainteasers – Besides logic and math, several of these problems also require additional knowledge in other areas in other to understand and solve them.
  • Mental Math Puzzles – Mathematicians will enjoy these puzzles that are challenging enough but can be solved mentally.
  • Tricky Math Problems – Most of the puzzles on this page can be solved by figuring out the trick behind them. There is also a special section of puzzles for computer programmers.
  • The Math Circle – A long list of problems to please even the very advanced logicians.
  • Analytical Problems – Enter your solutions online and submit them to find out immediately if it is correct. Players also have the option of requesting a hint or showing the solution.

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