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BlogWhat You Need to Know to Land a Job at Google, Apple...

What You Need to Know to Land a Job at Google, Apple or Faceboook

With the country still deep in recession, the jobs situation seems to be worsening with each passing day. Americans are seriously hurting, and with through-the-roof unemployment combined with stagnant wages, large-scale economic recovery seems a long ways off. A few industries, however, seem impervious to decline, and tech is one of those industries. Indeed, with Android and iPhone sales raging to record numbers and Facebook bigger than ever, the big 3 companies in tech especially seem to be having no problems with growth and employment. Naturally, a lot of us would like to work for them. But how? This infographic details the lay of the land in tech right now, where the hottest cities are, and who is hiring for what. Perhaps most importantly, it lets you know the hottest emerging fields in tech, and the kinds of degrees that can get you there. If you have been considering grabbing a master’s degree in a tech specialty, there may be no better time than right now.

How To Get A Job In Tech


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