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NewsA Master’s Degree holder in US earns an average of $1,380 per...

A Master’s Degree holder in US earns an average of $1,380 per week

Master’s degree holders in the US earned $1,380 per week in 2016, while their unemployment rate was at 2.4%, BLS statistics show.

The official institution for labor statistics in the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, published a report of citizens employability and earnings depending on what education level they had accomplished.

Note that these data are taken from people aged 25 or over and had full-time wages.

A brief scanning shows that the higher the level of education the lower the rate of unemployment and the higher the earnings.

The median salary for all workers is $885, but among different levels of education attained there are differences.

People who held a Doctoral degree earned $1,664 weekly, the highest compared to employees with lower education. At the same time, their unemployment rate was the lowest at just 1.6%.

Professional degree workers were second in this list. They earned weekly an amount of $1,745, while their rate of unemployment was the same with Doctoral degree holders(1.6%).

Master degree holders came third, earning $1,380 per week and having an unemployment rate of 2.4%.

Employees holding an Associate degree earned $819 per week and had an unemployment rate 3.6%. In contrast, those who had attended some college, but didn’t get a degree earned $756 weekly and had a higher unemployment rate of 4.4%.

Employees who had a high school education earned $692 and their unemployment rate was 5.2%.

At the end, workers who had an education below the high school earned least per week ($504), hence their unemployment rate was the highest at 7.4%.

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