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NewsThe UK is offering scholarships worth $28,000 for language teachers

The UK is offering scholarships worth $28,000 for language teachers

If you’re a high school teacher of Spanish, French or German language you have a chance to receive a scholarship in a training course in the UK worth $28,000, the British Council announced.

Knowing that the high school language teacher is an in-demand profession and highly-paid job you must seriously consider it.

Through this article, you’ll find all necessary information you need ahead of applying.

As the British Council announcement states, this training course targets language teachers who want to widen and strengthen their language knowledge.  

Along with the financial support, during the training you’ll get a good mentoring and a range of professional opportunities.

Am I eligible?

In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, you need to satisfy some requirements.

First, you must have or expect to achieve a 2:1 degree in French, Spanish or German.

If you have a 2:1 degree in another subject that proves you have brilliant language skills you’re also eligible to apply.

In some exceptional cases, you can be taken into consideration by the admission committee, if you have a relevant Master or PhD degree nor relevant experience.


You must ensure you’re able to receive support for a tuition fee via Student Finance England if you’re a resident student or an EU student. If you’re a citizen of Wales, Scotland or Ireland, you must be entitled to receive support from a home country institution that delivers financial support to students.

By September 2018 you must be registered on a leading-to-university training course (fee-based, non-salaried) of the English language.

This leading-to-university course may be such, it will equip you with a certain qualification (Qualified Teacher Status).

Trainees who aim to pursue a training course leading them to a Qualified Teacher and Learning Skills (QTLS) are not eligible because QTLS is for post-16 education. This is to say, you can’t obtain a QTLS if you’re on a pre-16 course.

The application period is open and it closes on 16 March 2018. Late submissions won’t be accepted, the announcement reads.

You can apply via an online application form which it may require you to fill all sections. Your eligibility will be assessed by a certain Admission Commission. If you’re admitted you’ll receive an invitation to a group Assessment Day.

At the end, it should be emphasized that even if you’re not aligned with these criteria, there is still a chance to get access to the bursary. In order to get detailed information, we advise you to visit their website.

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