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Blog50 Best Art History Blogs

50 Best Art History Blogs

Whether you’re a professional art historian, museum curator, masters degree student or just an art enthusiast, there’s loads of great content on art available on the web– provided you know where to look– that can help you stay up-to-date on the latest news and learn more about the field at large. Here are some of the best art history blogs out there that are sure to inspire your studies and may even spark a new research project, trip or exhibit.

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News and General

These blogs will help you read art historical news and learn about the field as a whole.

  1. Art History Newsletter: Don’t fall behind in keeping up with art history’s latest happenings– follow this blog and you’ll always be in-the-know.
  2. ArtsJournal: Whether you love painting, sculpture or performance art, you’ll find updates about it here.
  3. ArtForum: As one of the leading art publications, every art historian should keep up with this site.
  4. CultureGrrl: Lee Rosenbaum blogs for Arts Journal on this site, sharing posts that will help you stay in-the-know when it comes to the art world.
  5. Shelley’s Art History Blog: This About.com blog is home to art images, articles and information all about artists and art history throughout the ages.
  6. ART Histories: If you’d like to learn more about art and get some really insightful commentary, make this blog a daily read.

Art Enthusiasts and Experts

Here you’ll find blogs written by art historians, art history students and people who just can’t get enough art.

  1. Art Blog by Bob: Through this blog, you’ll get to hear Bob’s commentary on a wide range of art exhibits, artists and more.
  2. Art History Today: This UK-based art historian blogs about current research topics and interests– a great read for any other art history students or professors.
  3. Art History Salon: Whether you’re a lover of art or a professional art historian, you’re bound to find something of interest on this blog written by Assistant Professor Heather Jensen.
  4. Art History Ramblings: This blogger is currently a Master’s student in art history and uses this site to post all kinds of art images, links and articles that other students might find of interest.
  5. Alberti’s Window: Here you’ll find some really great posts on art in pop culture, the history of art and a whole lot more.
  6. Baroque Potion: Amateur art historian and software developer David Byron posts commentary and links to interesting events in the art world here.
  7. Three Pipe Problem: This intriguing blog delves into some of the greatest mysteries in art, as well as providing explanations of symbolism and meanings behind many others.

Preservation and Protection

If you’re into the preservation and protection of great works of art, these blogs are not to be missed.

  1. Looting Matters: On this blog, you’ll find discussions on the ethics of collecting antiquities as well as insights into the theft and trade of illegally obtained artifacts.
  2. Art Theft Central: This blog will let you follow up on the theft, looting and recovery of artworks the world over.
  3. Safe Corner: Learn about many works of cultural heritage that are in danger of being lost, stolen or destroyed on this blog.

Ancient Art and Artifacts

These blogs focus on archaeology and ancient art from Greece, Rome and Egypt.

  1. Archaeology News: Bookmark this blog to keep up with the latest excavations and discoveries in the archaeological world.
  2. Kris’s Archaeology Blog: From Norway to Mesopotamia, Egypt to South America, this blog explores archaeology all around the world.
  3. ArchaeologyOnline: Featuring information on websites, excavations, field schools, books and more, this site is an excellent resource for any art historian interested in archaeology.
  4. Bearded Roman: Those who simply can’t get enough Classical art should check out the posts on this blog.
  5. Ancient Egyptian Art: Learn more about the painting, sculpture and culture of Ancient Egypt from this site.


These blogs are home to a number of great art museums in the United States and feature exhibits and information about museums both specifically and more generally.

  1. Brooklyn Museum: On this museum blog you’ll find information about everything art related from excavations of ancient cities to the latest in modern art.
  2. Indianapolis Museum of Art: Learn about new artists and see what exhibits are up and coming at the IMA here.
  3. Museum 2.0: This blog is an excellent place to learn more about the museum of the future– one that uses technology as an active part of any exhibit.
  4. Walker Art Center Blog: Walker Art Center in Minneapolis maintains this blog, full of interviews, photos and information about up-and-coming artists.
  5. Woodson Wanderings: Learn more about Woodson Art Museum staff, exhibits and much more on this blog.
  6. Face to Face: This blog lets you get up close and personal with the collections at the National Portrait Museum.
  7. The Modern: The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s blog is an excellent source of information not only on the museum but on new modern artists as well.

Curation and Museum Studies

If you’re interested in art history from the perspective of a curator or gallery operator, then these blogs will be perfect to help you learn and expand your studies.

  1. Museum Strategy: Every museum has to have a strategy to engage visitors, get donations and generally be a great cultural venue. Learn more about how that’s done, and the marketing behind it, here.
  2. Curator’s Corner: Karl Cole, Davis Art Images’ curator of images, is an art historian and teacher who really knows his stuff, making this blog an excellent place to learn more about anything curatorial.
  3. Curator and Collector: Learn more about museum studies on the Northwest Coast from this blog.
  4. Watts Gallery: Watts Gallery’s Mark Bills blogs about the curation field and what the gallery is doing on this site.
  5. Museum Anthropology: Study up on the anthropology of museums, a complex and interesting subject, through this site manned by two PhDs and curators.
  6. Open Objects: You’ll be able to take an interesting look at the role technology and digital issues play in any museum on this blog.
  7. Museum Studies: If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in museum studies, this blog can help you learn what it’s all about.


These art history blogs focus on one time period, style or element.

  1. Mythical Women: Study women in mythology and paintings of these mythological subjects, through this blog.
  2. Art Deco: If your favorite period in art, architecture and the decorative arts was Art Deco, then don’t miss this blog.
  3. Romantic Ruins: This blog takes a look at the role of ruins as a artistic subject.
  4. The Warhol Influence: Warhol fans can read up on everything related to the famous Pop Art sensation here.
  5. Pre-Raphaelite Art: This blog focuses on the painting and sculpture created in the years prior to the well-known artists Raphael.
  6. Art and Architecture, Mainly: Visit this blog to read more about fine art, decorative art and architecture from the 1640′s to the 1940′s.
  7. The Textile Blog: If textiles are your area of interest in art, you’ll find loads to read about them here.
  8. Painting History: Get your fix of history painting through the weekly updates to this site.
  9. Every Painter Paints Himself: This blog explores the field of self-portraiture, often in a very interesting way.


If you’d like to look at some great art images, these blogs post new ones almost every day.

  1. The Art History Blog: Looking for some interesting images and information about art? This blog offers up both.
  2. Your Daily Art: Blogger Martha shares a new art image almost every day on this fun site, a great way to learn more about artists with whom you might not be familiar.
  3. Art History Attacks: Get your artwork of the day, as well as a short art history lesson, on this site.
  4. Famous Paintings Reviewed: If you’re not an expert in art history, this blog posts tons of information that can help you learn and is paired with some pretty pictures to boot.
  5. Old Paint: Here you’ll find one old painting posted every day.

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