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Travelling Around France While Studying

Travelling around France while studying as an international student will add so much to your student experience, which is a great advantage of studying...

The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

In my hometown Hong Kong, studying abroad is a dream for many. During my bachelor’s studies, I took a trip to Prague, Czech Republic,...

How to Manage My Finances During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic surpass the health-related impacts that the pandemic might have on the population. Attention is also brought to the economic...

International students in Japan likely to remain after graduation

A survey conducted by the Japan Student Service found that almost three-quarters of foreign students were likely to remain in Japan to seek employment...

Almost half of international students in Finland prefer to remain in the country

Almost half of the international students pursuing a degree at universities of Finland plan to remain in the country after they take their degree,...

How much does it cost to study in Denmark?

Denmark is becoming a very attractive study destination for international students. As statistics show, Danish universities welcomed an increased number between 2015 and 2016,...

International students in Malta will now be allowed to work, the government announces

The government in Malta has introduced the new visa scheme for international students which aims to increase the country’s popularity among foreign scholars. Under...

As less international students head to US colleges the share of Asian students increases

Asian students, with Chinese students at the front, are proud to be the largest distributor of international students in the US. Last year they...

Brexit causes the number of EU applications at Cambridge university to drop by 12.5%

The number of EU students’ applications in one of the best universities in the UK and worldwide, the University of Cambridge, fell by 12.5%...