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Travelling Around France While Studying

Travelling around France while studying as an international student will add so much to your student experience, which is a great advantage of studying...

The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

In my hometown Hong Kong, studying abroad is a dream for many. During my bachelor’s studies, I took a trip to Prague, Czech Republic,...

How to Manage My Finances During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic surpass the health-related impacts that the pandemic might have on the population. Attention is also brought to the economic...

The Obama’s Foundation offering scholarships for future leaders

“I'm asking you to believe—not in my ability to create change, but in yours,” wrote once the US ex-President, Barack Obama. Now he’s about...

The UK resident students likely to drop out of higher education

6.4 % of the UK resident students likely to drop out of University, the Hesa’s annual report shows. Non-continuation rates of first degree UK resident...

The UK students resident in Gibraltar will carry home fees after Brexit

British citizens, resident in Gibraltar, who are studying in a UK higher education institution or in a British higher education provider located in Gibraltar...

Hungary is offering 200 scholarships to Kazakhstan students

The Hungarian Government is granting 200 scholarships to Kazakh students as part of a renewed Agreement signed between two countries first in 2013. Andrews...

Tuition fees in 70% of the US colleges exceed the allowed borrowing limits, a study shows

At 70% of US colleges, tuition fees are beyond the limit of money that an undergraduate student can borrow in loan funds, a study...

Erasmus+ introduces its new online version, the EU Commission announces

The project of Erasmus+ now it can be reached online through its virtual version, the EU Commission website wrote today on 15 March 2018. As...