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The number of international students remaining in US after university, increases by 400%

The number of international students who received the authorization to stay and work in the US after they took their degrees, increased by 400%. The...

The total post-secondary enrollments in US decline by 1.3%

The total number of enrollments in US post-secondary education fell by 1.3% as of spring term 2018, compared to the previous spring term, the...

10% more international students in 2017/18 than in 2016/17 in Bulgaria

The number of international students increased by 10% this year when compared with the past academic year, the statistics show. Bulgaria can easily be added...

US universities remain the top destination for Asian students

A large majority of Asian parents want their children to study overseas and the US universities are their most preferred destination. 8,481 parents from 15...

French students in the US studying Business increased by 2.5 %

27.2% of 8,814 French students enrolled in US universities in 2016/17 were studying Business & Management, according to IIE data. The number of French students...

China shares the largest amount of international students placed in US, IEE data show

In its annual detailed report on US education, IIE reveals that Chinese students comprise 32 percent of the entire international students in the country,...

An eruption in postgraduate students in Scotland during the past decade

Over the past decade the number of postgraduate students in Scottish higher education increased by 21%, official statistics show, reports MastersDegree.net Statistics Portal. The Scottish...

25,500 students in Germany received a scholarship in 2016/17

In 2016, 25,500 students in Germany were granted a scholarship, Destatis said. Germany’s Federal Office for Statistics, Destatis, revealed the number of students that took...

300,000 new places in demand the UK higher education by 2030

By the year 2030, 300,000 new places in British higher education may be required, finds the HEPI report. Seven years after its last report, the...